Föreläsning av professor Scott Appleby om religiös fundamentalism

  • Datum: –17.00
  • Plats: sal 1, Gamla torget 3
  • Föreläsare: professor Scott Appleby
  • Arrangör: Historiska institutionen och Institutionen för Freds- och konfliktforskning
  • Kontaktperson: Lars M Andersson
  • Föreläsning

Professor Appleby  presenterar sitt föredrag på följande sätt:

At least since the Iranian revolution of 1978-79, scholars and journalists have used the term "fundamentalist" to refer to religious extremists. The term encompasses disparate movements around the world claiming to defend religious communities and traditions perceived to be under siege by the forces of secular modernity.  Highly different movements are found in this category, e.g. the Christian Right, Al-Qaeda, radical Jewish irredentists, and Hindu nationalists. Is there a shared "logic" underlying these so-called fundamentalist movements? Professor Appleby's seminar addresses this question; reviews and evaluates scholarship on "fundamentalism" and provides a "status report" on movements most frequently considered to be "fundamentalist."