HVC Co-organizes Conference on Totalitarianism


The Hugo Valentin Centre is co-organizing the conference "Totalitarianism - Historiography, Politics and Culture of Remembrance in Central and Southeastern Europe" together with the Universities of Split and Zagreb. The event will take place in Split on 2–3 June.

It is almost impossible to research the history, culture and politics of Central and Southeastern Europe, without somehow relating to the issue of totalitarianism. While being declared dead on numerous occasions, the concept remains present in theoretical and conceptual reflections on the developments in the region. One reason for this is that while the socialist and fascist experiences lasted for different lenghts of time in different parts of Central and Southeastern Europe, totalitarian thought-patterns had a significant impact on local state and nation building processes and their legacy remains present to this day.

The goal of the conference is to use a comparative and transnational approach in order to explore the similarities and differences between the ideas, their national specificities and transnational influences, their everyday practice, their conjunctures of development and activity, and the influence of their legacy on the contemporary societies in Central and Southeastern Europe. For more information, please download the official call.