Expert on political extremism visits the HVC


It is our pleasure to announce that professor Constantin Iordachi from the Central European University in Budapest is visiting the HVC during August and September 2016. Professor Iordachi is a historian and specialist in Central and East European political history and political extremism, and has published extensively on the subject.

Prof. Iordachi will give two lectures in Uppsala which deal with fascism in south-eastern Europe. The first one is scheduled for 6 September (10:15-12:00, Hugo Valentin Room) and has the title ”A Fascist Festival of the Dead: Reburials and Community Building in Fascist Romania, 1940-1941”. The second lecture is co-arranged with the Uppsala Centre for Russian and Eurasian Studies (UCRS) on 8 September (15:15-17:00, UCRS). On this occasion, professor Iordachi will speak under the heading “Fascism in the Balkans: A Comparison between Croatia’s Ustasha and Romania’s Iron Guard”. 

Professor Iordachi's visit to Uppsala University is financed by the guest reseacher programme at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

Prof. C. Iordachi