New guest researcher: Nika Potinkara


The Hugo Valentin Centre warmly welcomes new guest researcher, Dr. Nika Potinkara. Dr. Potinkara has research expertise in ethnic categorisation processes. Her dissertation, ‘Etnisyyden rakentuminen kahden saamelaismuseon perusnäyttelyissä’ (The Construction of Ethnicity in the Permanent Exhibitions of Two Sámi Museums), examines the ways in which ethnic categories and boundaries are created by museum exhibitions.

Her research here at the Hugo Valentin Centre will examine public discussions from the 1970s onwards related to the establishment of certain national minorities in Sweden. It will focus especially on two issues: the process by which Finnish-speaking immigrants eventually became a national minority, and the recent attempts to establish another recognized minority: Finland-Swedes (i.e. members of Finland’s Swedish-speaking population who have migrated to Sweden). On what grounds have people of Finnish or Finlandian origin claimed the status of a national minority in Sweden? What kinds of resistance have these claims met? This research aims to broaden the discussion on the discursive construction of national minorities and minority rights.