Conference on History and Memory about the Jasenovac Concentration Camp


Recent years have seen an increase in public debates and controversies concerning the Jasenovac camp complex, built in August 1941 after the establishment of the Independent State of Croatia (Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, NDH) following the invasion of Yugoslavia by Axis forces in April the same year. 

Jasenovac Memorial Site, on the banks of the Sava
River, marking the border between Croatia and Bos-
nia and Herzegovina. It consists of Bogdan Bog-
danović's monument "The Stone Flower" created 
in 1966, small earth mounds marking the original
placement of barracks and a museum.

The conference Jasenovac Past and Present: History and Memory of Institutionalised Destruction will gather a team of international experts to examine the history and memory of Jasenovac by critically analysing an intricate web of connections transcending past and present. It is scheduled for 24–26 March 2020 and will take place during three consequtive days in Belgrade, Jasenovac and Zagreb. ​

The conference is organized by the Hugo Valentin Centre in cooperation with a European consortium that includes Mémorial de la Shoah in Paris, Topographie des Terrors in Berlin, the Department of History at the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science, University of Zagreb, the Department of History at the University of Belgrade, and the Jasenovac Memorial Site. The event has been made possible by a financial contribution from the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance

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