The Hugo Valentin Lectures

Serieredaktör: Tomislav Dulić

ISSN 1651-6265
6. William A. Schabas, "What’s in a Word? Atrocity Crimes and the ‘Genocide’ Label" & Nanci Adler, "Communism’s ‘Bright Past’. Narratives of Loyalty to the Party before, during, and after the Gulag". The Hugo Valentin Lectures, VIII–IX. 2013
5. Nechama Tec, "Explorations of Oppression and Resistance", & Claudia Koonz, "How Racism became Respectable". The Hugo Valentin Lectures, V–VI. 2012.
4. Debórah Dwork, Auschwitz and the Holocaust. With an Article by Hugo Valentin. The Hugo Valentin Lectures, IV. 2007.
3. Wolfgang Benz, Anti-Semitism in Europe. Traditions, Structures, Manifestations. With a Chapter from Hugo Valentin’s Antisemitism: Historically and Critically Examined. The Hugo Valentin Lectures, III. 2004.
2. Henry R. Huttenbach, The Universality of Genocide. With an Article by Hugo Valentin. The Hugo Valentin Lectures, II. 2004. 
1. Saul Friedländer, Mass Murder and German Society in the Third Reich. With Two Articles by Hugo Valentin. Ed. Harald Runblom, w. the assistance of Stéphane Bruchfeld and Per Jegebäck. The Hugo Valentin Lectures, I. 2002.