Namis – objectives and ativities

NAMIS[National Minorities in Sweden] is a cross-disciplinary research network for scholars whose research concerns one or several of the national minority groups and/or minority languages ​​in Sweden: Jews/Yiddish, Roma/Romani Chib, Sami/Sami, Swedish Finns/Finnish and Tornedalians/Meänkieli. 

Purpose and Objectives 

The purpose of NAMIS is to initiate, conduct and disseminate research relating to the national minorities in Sweden. NAMIS serves as a forum for knowledge exchange between researchers in the field of minority studies, broadly defined. More specifically this involves initiating and conducting research projects, arranging workshops, seminars and conferences, creating information activities aimed at the public, organizing courses related to our core themes, and educating teachers and public officials working with minority-related issues on municipal and regional levels. A commissioned educational program addressing the work of these groups is currently under development and will be launched in the autumn 2019.


Since 2000, NAMIS has organized a large number of seminars, conferences and lectures on national minorities in Sweden. NAMIS’ activities also include courses and commissioned research of various kinds. Another ongoing activity is the publication of a newsletter informing mainly professionals and the interested public about current research and literature in the field, as well as cultural and linguistic events related to the five national minorities. NAMIS and the Hugo Valentin Centre also publish an annual peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal, Multiethnica, founded in 1987. In addition, NAMIS researchers coordinate or participate in several major national and international research networks. Currently, several researchers at the Hugo Valentin Centre work with themes related to NAMIS areas such as Jewish history, minority literature, and the history of the Church of Sweden in relation to migrants and minorities.